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POA Select

POA Select Amendments – Fortify Plus Perennial Foliar Spray™

POA Select Amendments – Fortify Plus Perennial Foliar Spray™

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Fortify Plus™

Perennial Foliar Spray 3-10-10

Fortify your perennial food plots with the nutrients they need most.

Fortify Plus is a 3-10-10 foliar spray fertilizer that gives your perennial food plots the necessary nutrients they need to fortify their growth throughout the growing season.  As an amendment that can be added to your plotting/maintenance fertilizer regimen, Fortify Plus provides plants with instant access to nutrients while conventional fertilizer breaks down to be used.  Fortify Plus can also take the place of conventional granulated fertilizers entirely with proper application adjustments.  Also, with a 3-10-10 formula, Fortify Plus focuses more on the nutrients your perennial food plots need.

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