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POA Select

POA Select Amendments – Turbo-Cal Liquid Calcium™

POA Select Amendments – Turbo-Cal Liquid Calcium™

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Liquid Calcium

Turbo-Cal is a liquid calcium that improves nutrient uptake and increases both yield and food plot quality.  It has a guaranteed analysis of 12% calcium and is 100% water soluble, which means it does not have to go through a biological breakdown, making Turbo-Cal immediately available to the soil and growing plants at the time of application.

Turbo-Cal also contains an organic chelating agent that breaks down insoluble calcium from natural limestone deposits in your soil creating additional plant-available calcium.

After application, granulated lime can take one to two years to break down in your soil.  Turbo-Cal is an amendment that, when added to your regular lime application and pH management in your food plots, provides an instant source of calcium to your plants.

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