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POA Select

POA Select Supplements H2O Reload™

POA Select Supplements H2O Reload™

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POA Select Supplements

H2O Reload – Water Soluble Deer Vitamins

(Sold in a 5 lb bucket)

Take your water source and RELOAD it! Packed with VITAMINS and ELECTROLYTES to keep your deer herd hydrated and healthy!

With POA’s RELOAD water soluble powder, you can add all the vitamins, along with electrolytes, to keep your deer healthy and hydrated all season long.  Hydration is key to helping deer stay stress-free in the heat of the summer and, with the added vitamins and minerals, give your deer what they’re missing throughout the year.

H2O RELOAD can be used as a food additive as well!

The use of minerals and bait is prohibited in some states.  Be sure to check the regulations with your local DNR office prior to use.

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